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Having conducted series of research national and international with researchers and academic scholars and those referred to as authority in the field of indigenous activities, such as IFA, OGUN, SANGO etc, High chief Yemi Elebubon (OON), Prof Wande Abimbola, Peter Fatomilola and Chief Lalude aka (Oodua) etc, we came to the conclusion that ORUNMILA; Baba Ifa, (gods of divination) needs to be brought to the viewing of the public in other to promote and propagate the rich and advance cultural heritage of Africans especially the Yoruba race in Nigeria and the diaspora.


For the growth and development of the entertainment industry, Waterflow Konceptz is offering aspiring Actors and Actresses, Skilled personnel in the film business to get their hands, brains and most of all exhibit their God given talents into full swing on this Epic Movie titled "ORUNMILA; Baba Ifa - The gods of divination" as we narrated and educate our people about the human existence and our history.
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